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‘Surprising Causes’ of ‘Yellow Teeth’ Besides Coffee, Wine, and Smoking

1. Tooth Color and Yellow Teeth Causes

The color of teeth is influenced by
various factors, with tooth structure and lifestyle habits being the most
significant. Teeth consist of two layers: enamel and dentin. The outer layer,
enamel, is transparent and white, while the inner layer, dentin, has a
yellowish tint. If the enamel is thin, the color of the dentin can show
through, making the teeth appear more yellow. Conversely, thicker enamel can
make teeth appear whiter. Generally, the thickness of these layers is
determined genetically.

2. Lifestyle Habits and Yellow Teeth

Lifestyle habits also play a crucial
role in tooth discoloration. Regular consumption of deeply pigmented food and
drinks, such as coffee, curry, red wine, and chocolate, can lead to staining on
the enamel. Additionally, long-term smoking can cause discoloration due to
nicotine penetrating the microscopic pores of the teeth. Furthermore, the use
of tetracycline antibiotics can result in teeth turning brown or developing
black lines, as these antibiotics affect tooth color.

3. Natural Process of Yellow Teeth and Prevention

The natural thinning of enamel is an
inevitable part of aging, leading to what is known as ‘age-related
discoloration.’ This occurs as enamel gradually wears away over decades due to
eating and brushing, exposing the dentin and causing teeth to appear yellower.
Once teeth are discolored, it is very difficult to restore them to their
original color.

To minimize such discoloration, it is
important to take certain precautions in daily life. Limiting the intake of
deeply pigmented foods and beverages and brushing teeth promptly after
consumption can prevent pigments from penetrating the teeth. Also, brushing too
hard should be avoided, as excessive force can thin the enamel and cause
‘cervical abrasion,’ where the enamel at the gum line wears away.

4. Consider Teeth Whitening Treatments for Yellow Teeth

If discoloration becomes severe and
causes stress, teeth whitening treatments can be considered. This method
involves applying a whitening agent containing hydrogen peroxide to the teeth,
followed by exposure to special light to enhance the oxidizing action of the
hydrogen peroxide, lightening the discolored teeth. However, teeth whitening
should be carried out under professional guidance, tailored to the individual’s
dental condition.

5. Summary(Yello Teeth)

Tooth color is affected by tooth
structure and lifestyle habits, and to minimize discoloration, it is important
to limit deeply pigmented foods and drinks and avoid brushing too hard. For
severe discoloration, teeth whitening treatments can be an option, but
professional consultation is necessary.