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Home » Is Severe ‘Facial Swelling’ Only Due to ‘Stress’?

Is Severe ‘Facial Swelling’ Only Due to ‘Stress’?

facial swelling

Facial swelling often occurs after
consuming salty foods. However, if your face swells without any particular
dietary reason, it may be related to various health issues. These include
hormonal changes, kidney problems, and thyroid disorders.

1. Facial Swelling: Stress

Stress can exacerbate facial swelling by
promoting the secretion of the cortisol hormone. Produced in the adrenal
glands, cortisol affects the body’s salt metabolism, potentially leading to
facial swelling. During intense stress, the pituitary gland releases
antidiuretic hormone, worsening the swelling. This hormone reduces urine
excretion, retaining body fluids and causing facial puffiness.

2. Facial Swelling: Female Hormones

In women, facial swelling can occur
during ovulation due to increased estrogen levels. This hormone can cause salt
and water retention in the body, leading to swelling. In such cases, reducing
intake of salt, caffeine, refined carbohydrates, chocolate, alcohol, and fatty
foods can help alleviate swelling. Additionally, engaging in aerobic exercises
like brisk walking at least three times a week can be effective in reducing

3. Facial Swelling: Kidney Problems

The kidneys play a vital role in
removing waste from our body. However, disorders like renal failure can prevent
proper waste and fluid elimination, leading to accumulation and facial
swelling. Nephrotic syndrome, a condition affecting the kidney’s small blood
vessels, causes blood fluid to leak into the skin, resulting in overall
swelling. Kidney diseases can be treated with various methods, including
diuretics, antibiotics, and immunosuppressants.

4. Facial Swelling: Thyroid Abnormalities

In the thyroid, a decrease in thyroid
hormone secretion can hinder the breakdown of mucopolysaccharides in the skin’s
dermal layer. Mucopolysaccharides attract water, causing the skin to swell.
Treatment usually involves thyroid hormone replacement to normalize thyroid
function, promote mucopolysaccharide breakdown, and reduce swelling.

5. Facial Swelling: Summary

Facial swelling can be linked to not
just salty food intake but also hormonal changes, stress, kidney issues, and
thyroid disorders. Stress can aggravate swelling through increased cortisol
production. During ovulation, increased estrogen levels can cause swelling in
women. Kidney dysfunction or reduced thyroid hormone secretion can also be
underlying causes, necessitating appropriate treatment and lifestyle