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Reducing ‘Guilt’ When Struggling to Quit ‘Soda’

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To mitigate the negative effects of soda
consumption, especially when paired with fast food, several simple strategies
can be adopted:

1. Mix Soda with Water & Drink Water

It’s recommended to dilute soda with
water or ice in a 1:1 ratio. This method reduces the amount of sugar per
serving, decreasing overall sugar intake. If concerned about the taste alteration,
another alternative is to drink an equal amount of water throughout the day
after consuming soda. This can help to mitigate the effects of soda on the
body, particularly in slowing the impact on calcium absorption. However, the
belief that adding lemon to cola neutralizes sugar or caffeine lacks scientific

2. Minimize Soda’s Contact Time with Teeth

To reduce the risk of cavities and
enamel erosion, it’s important to limit the time soda stays in contact with
teeth. When drinking soda through a straw, avoid keeping the straw in your
mouth continuously. Additionally, swallow the beverage quickly instead of
holding it in your mouth, minimizing the contact time with teeth.

3. Substitute Soda with Sparkling Water

If craving soda frequently, occasionally
replacing it with sparkling water is a beneficial option. Sparkling water has
significantly lower sugar and calorie content compared to soda, making it a
healthier choice. It provides the pleasant fizziness of soda while reducing the
health risks.

4. After Drinking Soda, Wait 30 Minutes Before

The acidic components in soda can affect
teeth. Therefore, it’s advised to wait a while before brushing teeth after
drinking soda. Brushing immediately can accelerate enamel wear due to the
presence of acidic substances. It takes about 30 minutes for the natural
cleansing processes of the body to shift the oral environment from acidic to
alkaline. Thus, after drinking soda, rinse your mouth with water and wait
approximately 30 minutes before brushing for better dental health.

5. Summary of Soda Consumption Guidelines

To reduce the side effects of soda, mix
it with water or drink an equal amount of water afterward. For dental health,
swallow soda quickly and brush your teeth 30 minutes after consumption.
Replacing soda with sparkling water is also an effective way to reduce sugar
and calorie intake.