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Tongue Burns: Recovery and Treatment for Hot Soup Burns

Tongue burn from hot soup.

As the weather gets colder, many people turn to hot brothy soups. Sometimes, in consuming these dishes quickly, burns can occur, particularly on the tongue. In such cases, most people instinctively reach for ice or ice cream to cool their tongue. However, these methods do not actually aid in the healing of tongue burns.

1. How to Treat Tongue Burns

Applying cold foods or ice to a tongue burn can temporarily reduce the sensation of heat, but it does not significantly aid in long-term recovery. When ice contacts a tongue burn, it causes the surrounding blood vessels to constrict and reduces blood flow, thereby decreasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients needed for healing. This can slow down the recovery process. Additionally, holding ice in the mouth for an extended period can cause it to stick to saliva, potentially causing further irritation when trying to remove it.

The tongue naturally heals quickly due to its constant moisture and the immune components in saliva. Therefore, if the tongue burn is not severe, it is not necessary to use special burn moisturizers.

2. Proper Hygiene Management in Tongue Burns

To expedite the healing of burns, brushing your teeth is very important. The fluoride in toothpaste helps reduce bacterial count at the burn site, thus preventing secondary infection. Additionally, it is advisable to avoid spicy or salty foods that can irritate the burn. If the pain from the tongue burn is severe, consider taking analgesics or anti-inflammatory drugs with professional medical advice.


3. Home Remedies

There are various home remedies used to quickly alleviate pain from tongue burns. One such method, applying soybean paste, is not recommended. Applying soybean paste can risk secondary bacterial infection and the sodium in it can irritate the wound. Conversely, substances like yogurt, milk, and honey can be helpful. Yogurt and milk provide a cooling effect which can alleviate pain. Honey, in particular, is clinically recognized for its healing properties in burn treatment. Therefore, when dealing with tongue burns, considering these safe and effective methods is advisable.


4. Summary

Tongue burns from hot soups can be soothed but not healed with cold items like ice. Proper healing involves good oral hygiene, avoiding spicy foods, and using natural remedies like yogurt, milk, and honey for effective treatment.

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