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Electric Heating Pads: Are You Using Them Safely This Winter?

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Safe Use of Electric Heating Pads in Winter.

As winter approaches, many people start using electric heating pads for warmth. It’s crucial to take preventive measures against potential fire hazards associated with their use. Safe usage of heating devices is essential. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with the correct ways to use electric heating pads is important.

1. The Danger of Using Electric Heating Pads with Latex Mats

One important precaution is to avoid using them in conjunction with latex mats. Latex, a natural rubber material, has a high heat absorption rate and is highly flammable. Using it together with electric heating pads increases the risk of fire. Especially dangerous is placing a latex mat over or under the heating pad for extended periods. With thicker latex products, the heat from the pad may not dissipate properly, leading to a rapid increase in temperature.

Experiments conducted by the Fire and Disaster Management Agency showed that using bedding made of latex material over electric heating pads led to internal temperatures rising to 170 degrees Celsius after about 3 hours, resulting in smoke. To prevent such dangers, it’s advisable to use a thin blanket over the heating pad instead of latex. If using a latex mat is necessary, placing an intermediate cover between the latex and the heating pad to prevent heat accumulation is safer.

2. Correct Storage Methods for Electric Heating Pads

Avoid folding them for use or storage. Folding can damage or entangle the internal wires, leading to short circuits or overheating. To prevent these risks, it’s safest to store the heating pad rolled up, not folded. Also, ensure that the heating pad is not pressed under electronic devices or heavy objects.

3. The Importance of Maintaining Low Temperatures

When using electric heating pads, it’s preferable to use them at low temperatures. This is especially important during sleep; setting a timer or a low temperature before sleeping is advisable. Long-term use at high temperatures can lead to low-temperature burns, so caution is needed. Lastly, avoid connecting multiple devices to the same outlet as the heating pad, and always turn off the power after use.

4. Correct Positioning of the Temperature Control Unit

Pay attention to the position of the temperature control unit when using electric heating pads. Avoid placing the control unit on top of the heating pad, as the heat generated can cause overheating. This overheating can lead to malfunction of the control unit and increase the risk of fire. In particular, the plastic part of the control unit can melt, potentially igniting the internal wiring.

For safety, it’s important to place the temperature control unit away from the heating pad and other heat sources. Keeping the control unit away from heat sources prevents overheating, thereby protecting the unit from damage and reducing the risk of fire.