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Neck Wrinkles: Is Neck Lift Surgery Effective?

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Hello, I am Dr. POPO, an expert in anti-aging cosmetic surgery and a plastic surgeon in Korea. Commonly referred to as “rings of age,” neck wrinkles can generally be classified into two types: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal neck wrinkles are lines that run across the neck, while vertical ones are long lines that run down the middle.

Horizontal wrinkles are commonly seen in younger individuals regardless of age, whereas vertical wrinkles are more often observed in middle-aged and older adults. To effectively eliminate these horizontal and vertical neck wrinkles, it is essential to understand their underlying causes and address them accordingly.

Understanding Neck Lift Surgery for neck wrinkles

Many people believe that the primary cause of neck wrinkles is simply a decrease in skin elasticity. However, the wrinkles are often influenced by the underlying neck muscles. The neck muscles, which support the entire neck, can become loose due to various factors such as aging, poor lifestyle habits, or incorrect posture. When these neck muscles loosen, the entire neck sags, causing the skin to fold and form wrinkles.

Since the main cause of them is the loosening of neck muscles, tightening and strengthening these muscles can improve both horizontal and vertical lines. The appropriate solution for this is neck lift surgery. This procedure involves making incisions in front and behind both ears and under the chin. It corrects both the outer and inner layers of the exposed neck muscles and simultaneously pulls the sagging neck skin vertically.

Benefits of Neck Lift Surgery neck wrinkles,

Neck lift surgery offers several benefits. First, it significantly reduces the appearance of deep and thick neck wrinkles by stretching and smoothing them out. Second, it noticeably decreases the number of wrinkles compared to before the surgery.

Additionally, during neck lift surgery, excess fat around the neck and under the chin is also removed, resulting in a thinner neck and a more defined jawline. If you have concerns about a double chin or a thick neck, these issues can be addressed simultaneously.

Scarring and Recovery

Although neck lift surgery involves making incisions in two areas, which may cause concerns about scarring and recovery time, meticulous incision and suturing techniques can gradually fade the scars over time. Typically, the scars become much less noticeable within 8 months to a year, and proper application of ointments can sufficiently manage them without additional scar treatment. Furthermore, the recovery period is relatively short, about 5 days, making it a convenient option even for working individuals.

Long-lasting Results

A neck lift surgery performed accurately by experienced medical professionals can last approximately 10 years. Given that neck lift surgery can improve even congenital neck wrinkles, it is crucial to receive a precise diagnosis and surgery from a surgeon with extensive experience and expertise in this field.