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Gummy Vitamins Rise: Snack or Health Revolution?

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been a noticeable increase in the consumption of ‘healthy’ products. Particularly, the health supplement market, including gummy vitamins, has seen significant growth, likely due to the increased demand for vitamins and probiotics to maintain immunity and health during seasonal changes.

1. Development and Consumer Preference for Tasty Supplements

Aligning with this trend, the pharmaceutical industry is focusing on developing nutritional and health supplements, particularly gummy vitamins, in tasty and easy-to-consume forms. Notably, many supplements, are now being released in the form of candies or gels.

These jelly or candy-like gummy supplements are appealing for their good taste and convenience. However, their snack-like nature raises the possibility of overconsumption. Questions are being raised about whether these gummy supplements genuinely aid in nutritional intake and if overconsumption might be harmful.

Gummy vitamins sold in stores or pharmacies generally contain a variety of vitamins. It’s important to check the nutritional label to understand the exact contents. Commonly, these products include vitamins C, B2, B6, among others. Some Gummy Vitamin supplements also contain taurine (1000mg).

2. Nutritional Content and the Possibility of Overconsumption in Gummy Vitamins

Generally, overconsumption of gummy supplements is not known to cause significant health issues. Water-soluble vitamins like B and C in gummy vitamins are mostly excreted in urine if taken in excess, but excessive consumption can lead to health problems like kidney stones.

Conversely, fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E can accumulate in the liver or fat cells if overconsumed, causing side effects. Excessive intake of vitamin A in gummy vitamins can lead to headaches, diarrhea, dizziness, and overconsumption of vitamin D can cause nausea, loss of appetite, hypercalcemia.

These gummy products also include sweeteners. It’s important to check the content of fruit-flavored powders, artificial flavorings, citric acid, aspartame, etc., especially in gummy supplements. Particularly, jelly supplements like gummy vitamins with sugar coating on the surface have been studied for potential health hazards. Hence, it’s vital to check the amount of nutrients and sweeteners contained in gummy and be cautious about products that may contain close to the daily recommended amount.

3. Differences Between Medicines, Health Supplements, and Regular Food, and Related Regulations

Experts emphasize the importance of distinguishing between regular medicines, health supplements, and regular foods (like candies) when purchasing vitamin products in jelly or candy form. Although the widening range of consumer choices, including gummy vitamins, is positive, it also blurs the line between medicines and candy. The efficacy, safety, and vitamin content standards can vary greatly depending on the type of vitamin product, such as gummy vitamins.

Regular medicines must pass strict quality control standards for safety assurance. These products must comply with specified components and vitamin contents to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Although no prescription is needed, they are typically available only in pharmacies. It’s important to follow a pharmacist’s advice on the appropriate amount to consume, especially with gummy vitamins.

Health supplements have relatively simpler approval processes than regular medicines. The Food and Drug Administration recognizes products using notified functional ingredients as health supplements, which can be advertised and sold through home shopping, supermarkets, and online. To differentiate these products, checking for a certification mark is crucial; without this mark, the product is considered regular candy. Even if a product’s name includes ‘vitamin’, without the certification mark, it is classified as candy. This is especially important for products like gummy vitamins.

4. The Trend of Enjoying Health Management and the Role of Gummy Vitamins

‘Health Pleasure’ is one of the top ten trend keywords. This concept signifies managing health in an enjoyable manner rather than through strict methods. In this context, gummy vitamins in the form of jellies or candies can be seen as part of this ‘Health Pleasure’ trend. However, even if a food is healthy, excessive consumption can be problematic. Therefore, it’s important to check the nutritional content and the recommended daily intake before consuming these products, particularly gummy vitamins. This way, one can enjoy healthy consumption while ensuring safety.