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’Constipation’ Relief | ‘This Position’ Helps with Bowel Movements on the Toilet”

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Constipation can significantly disrupt
daily life, and when chronic, it can lead to various health problems. Here are
some useful habits to prevent and alleviate it:

1. Posture Adjustment for Constipation

Adjusting your posture can help. When
sitting on the toilet, slightly bending your waist, similar to the pose of
Rodin’s “The Thinker” statue, can aid constipation relief. Bending
forward increases abdominal pressure, adjusting the angle of the colon and
anus, facilitating stool passage. Research from the Cleveland Clinic indicates
that this posture increases the angled bend between the anus and rectum and
raises abdominal pressure, aiding in smoother bowel movements.

2. Use of a Footstool

Using a small footstool in front of the
toilet can be beneficial. Elevating your feet makes it easier to lean forward,
an effective position for stool passage, especially helpful in severe
constipation cases.

3. Diaphragmatic Breathing for
Constipation Improvement

Diaphragmatic breathing involves taking
deep breaths into the abdomen and slowly exhaling. This technique promotes
peristaltic movement in the colon, contributing to constipation relief. It is
also effective in treating diarrhea and alleviating symptoms of Irritable Bowel
Syndrome (IBS) caused by stress.

4. Stretching

Stretching is also advantageous.
Stretching first thing in the morning relaxes muscles and improves blood
circulation, activating the intestines’ peristaltic movement. This involves
inhaling while stretching arms and legs upwards in a lying position, holding
the breath and the position for five seconds, then exhaling and relaxing.

5. Adequate Hydration for Constipation

Adequate hydration is essential. It is
recommended to drink about 1.5 to 2 liters of water daily.

6. Regular Physical Activity

Regular physical activity is also
crucial. Exercise stimulates the intestines’ peristaltic movement, facilitating
smoother stool passage.

7. Regular Eating Habits and the Use of
Half-Baths/Sitz Baths

Maintaining a regular eating pattern is
important. It is beneficial to form a habit of defecating within 15 minutes
after breakfast. Additionally, half-baths or sitz baths can improve blood
circulation in the lower abdomen, aiding in constipation relief.