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Liberate Yourself from ‘Bulging Under-Eye Fat’ with ‘This Effective Method’!

Bulging Under-Eye Fat

[Bulging Under-Eye Fat]

The phenomenon of fat bulging under the eyes is a common sign of aging that appears as we grow older. This change occurs due to the structural characteristics around the eyes. Our upper and lower eyelids have three layers of fat that protect and support the eyeball. These fat layers are separated by thin membranes, which weaken over time. As these membranes weaken, the fat sags downwards, causing the lower eyelid area to become puffy.

However, this occurrence is not solely due to aging. Similar symptoms can also be seen in younger individuals, often related to lifestyle habits. Prolonged work hours, lack of sleep, and resultant stress are major causes of under-eye fat protrusion. These habits can affect the fat tissue around the eyes and exacerbate the bulging appearance.

This issue extends beyond cosmetic discomfort, potentially giving a tired appearance and impacting social interactions. Makeup has its limitations in concealing this and might even accentuate dark circles. What are the solutions?

Lower eyelid fat correction surgery aims to aesthetically improve the under-eye area by addressing protruding fat. This surgery is performed in three ways: removal of lower eyelid fat, fat repositioning, and fat grafting.

1. Lower Eyelid Fat Removal Surgery

This surgery focuses on removing swollen fat under the eyes. It is particularly useful when the area under the eyes protrudes and the space below it appears sunken. The procedure involves making an incision just below the eyebrow and precisely removing fat through the conjunctiva inside the eyelid. This helps restore smoothness to the under-eye area.

2. Lower Eyelid Fat Repositioning Surgery

This surgery is suitable when there is a deep groove beneath the protruding fat. Merely removing the fat may be insufficient, so redistributing it into the groove to create a more natural appearance is necessary. This involves evenly distributing and fixing the fat in the groove to flatten the skin surface.

3. Lower Eyelid Fat Grafting Surgery

Chosen for severe grooves or volume loss, this surgery involves harvesting fat from another area (e.g., the abdomen or thighs) and filling the under-eye groove with it. This adds natural volume to the under-eye area and compensates for deeply sunken regions.

Lower eyelid fat repositioning surgery is a cosmetic procedure to re-adjust fat and smooth irregularities in the under-eye area. The surgery typically takes about an hour to complete, and if combined with fat grafting, it can take around 1.5 to 2 hours. One of the advantages of this surgery is its short recovery period. Temporary bruising or swelling may occur post-surgery but usually resolves quickly, and there are minimal scars, allowing patients to return to their routine swiftly.

However, despite being a relatively simple surgery, lower eyelid fat repositioning carries risks, so prevention is crucial. Lifestyle changes can mitigate changes in under-eye skin and slow their progression. Avoiding rubbing the skin around the eyes vigorously and consistently using sunscreen to prevent skin aging are important.

Adequate sleep is also vital for skin health. Daily 7-8 hours of sleep provides necessary time for skin recovery and regeneration, maintaining optimal skin condition and contributing to the improvement of under-eye skin health.