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Healthy Juices: Understanding When They May Be Harmful

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Healthy juices: Avoid garlic for stomach, Hovenia Dulcis for liver, sugary for diabetes, and potassium-rich for kidney issues.

Healthy juices, commonly consumed daily, are made by boiling fruits or vegetables with water at high temperatures. These juices are popular due to their convenience and rich nutrient content. However, people with certain medical conditions need to be cautious. Some juices can worsen symptoms of specific illnesses, so it’s important to know which health juices to avoid based on your condition.


1. Healthy Juices Precautions: Stomach Disorders and Garlic Juice

Those with stomach disorders should be wary of consuming garlic juice, especially if prone to gastritis. Garlic contains allicin, which is spicy and can irritate the stomach lining. This irritation can lead to indigestion or heartburn. Garlic juice has a higher allicin content than raw garlic, so those with a sensitive stomach should avoid it. In this context, healthy juices like garlic juice require careful consideration.


2. Liver Disease: The Risks of Hovenia Dulcis Juice

People with liver disease should avoid Hovenia Dulcis (Japanese raisin tree) juice. According to research by Asan Medical Center in Seoul, Hovenia Dulcis can induce liver toxicity. The study analyzed acute liver failure patients over 15 years, identifying Hovenia Dulcis consumption as a key cause. Consuming concentrated Hovenia Dulcis can harm the liver, especially when it is weakened, as it struggles to adapt to new substances. Therefore, not all healthy juices are suitable for everyone.


3. Diabetes: The Blood Sugar Rising Effect of Fruit Juices

Diabetics should avoid fruit juices high in sugar. Juice is absorbed faster than whole fruits, potentially causing a rapid increase in blood sugar levels. Drinking fruit juice after meals can further elevate already high blood sugar levels. Diabetics are better off consuming whole fruits with a low glycemic index to help control blood sugar. Again, the choice of healthy juices is crucial for managing this condition.


4. Healthy Juices Selection: Kidney Disorders and Potassium Rich Juices

People with kidney disorders need to be careful with apple and onion juices, which are high in potassium. Apple and onion contain about 146mg and 144mg of potassium per 100g, respectively. The kidney filters electrolytes and waste from the body. However, those with chronic kidney disease may struggle to regulate potassium levels properly. Excessive potassium intake can lead to accumulation in the body, causing abnormal heart rhythms.

By understanding these condition-specific precautions for healthy juice consumption, one can maintain healthy eating habits and consume health juices safely and wisely.